Dec 07

Children and Psycho sexual Stages of Development Part I

According to Freud, Children Go Through Five Psychosexual Stages of Development:

Freudian Child Development: Oral Stage
The oral stage begins at birth and continues until the child is approximately 1 ½ years old. During this

stage the erogenous zone is the mouth. The child derives pleasure from nursing his/her mother’s breast and from orally exploring his/her environment by placing objects in the mouth.
The consequences of not moving through this stage successfully are developing a psychological fixation. This can be produced through orally aggressive behavior such as: chewing gum, ice, or even the ends of pencils.
Freudian Child Development: Anal Stage:
The second psycho sexual stage of development is the anal stage, which spans from approximately 1 and 1/2 to 3 years old. The erogenous zone for the child changes from the mouth to the anus. The consequences of a psychological fixation in this stage are what Freud refers to “anal retentive.” When adults are anal retentive, they are obsessively organized and/or excessively neat.
Another consequence is what Freud refers to as “anal expulsive,” which is a person who is careless, defiant, reckless, and disorganized.

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