Dec 18

CARL JUNG (Personality Theory) Part I

Carl Jung created eight-distinct personality types. Introversion and Extroversion, and four functions for each one.
• Extroversion – Our energy moves toward the outer world of people, places and things; the world outside of us.

• Introversion – Our energy moves toward the inner world of thoughts and ideas; the world inside of us.

The essence of Jung’s theory of psychological types is simple; when Our minds are active and we are awake, we are flashing between taking in information and making decisions in our internal and external worlds.

Jung identified:
1. Extraverted Thinking———Outward and active focus.
2. Introverted Thinking———-Inward and reflective focus.
3. Extraverted Sensing———-Outward and active focus.
4. Introverted Sensing———–Inward and reflective focus.
5. Extraverted Intuition———Outward and active focus.
6. Introverted Intuition———-Inward and reflective focus.
7. Extraverted Feeling———Outward and active focus.
8. Introverted Feeling———–Inward and reflective focus

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