Feb 17

Resolving the conflicts: Oedipus Complex and Electra Complex-

Sigmund Freud believed that;in order to develop into a successful adult with a healthy identity, the child must identify with the same-sex.

Freud suggested that while the primitive id wants to eliminate the father or mother, the more realistic ego knows that the father or mother is much stronger and bigger.

According to Freud, the boy then experiences what he called castration anxiety – a fear of both literal and figurative emasculation.

Freud believed that as the child becomes aware of the physical differences between males and females, and that his father will also castrate him as a punishment for desiring his mother.

In order to resolve the conflict, the boy then identifies with his father, and the girl identifies with her mother. It is at this point that the super-ego is formed.

The super-ego becomes a sort of inner moral authority, an internalization of the father or mother figure that strives to suppress the urges of the id and make the ego act upon these idealistic standards.

Sigmund Freud

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